Thursday, March 15, 2018

You're a LIFESAVER—Thanks For All You Do! Fun Appreciation Gifts

Is it just good manners or is it just what you do? Someone does something nice for you and you feel like you need to reciprocate?  Yes I'm sure you do, your that kind of person.  Whether it's something as simple as picking up your mail while you are on vacation or babysitting your kids while you run errands, you want to thank them in some way and everyone likes their efforts to be acknowledged. Now you've just found a simple and fun way to do that. You're a LIFESAVER, thanks for all you do is the perfect sweet treat.

You've been waiting AND NOW…… You can now get our "Lifesaver" tags pre-made. Yes that's what I said.  They come all put together and all you do is wrap them around a "Lifesaver" candy roll. Perfect for those who aren't crafty, don't have enough time or just don't want to gather all the supplies to make them themselves. For those of you who love to craft you can get a digital file for our tags and do it yourself! 

Perfect to give to your Co-Workers, Employees, Teachers, Friends, Family, Neighbors and those who actually do saves lives like nurses, doctors, paramedics

CLICK HERE to get more INFO about our Pre-Made Tags
The digital tags are below.

What a great recognition gift to give to nurses, doctors and paramedics.  Teachers, Friends and Family would appreciate them too.  What about your Co-Workers or Employees. It's something that won't break the bank but tells the important people in our life how much you appreciate them.

Your Kids
Employee gifts
Recognition gifts
Teacher Appreciation
kids in class
School Secretaries
Nurser Appreciation
Visiting Teaching 
best friends
anyone who has done something nice for you

We used a 1" paper punch for the tag, a 1 ¼" tag for the backer and the scallop piece is cut out with a 1 ½" scallop punch.  You could back with 1 or 2 pieces depending on how creative you feel. You can find these punches at your local craft store and they will run about $4 or $5  or less if you use a coupon and are a great investment.

Here's another option for our LIFESAVER tag.  This one measures 2" and is attached to these fun cans of LIFESAVER candy with foam dots.  We tied a ribbon around the can and put it below or above the tag.  Use twine or ribbon, whichever you prefer.  We purchased these tins at Walmart.  They are full of the rolls of LIFESAVER candy. 

This is such a simple "thanks" gift. All you do is make up the tag and attached it to the tin and you have a gift wrapped treat for teacher, family, friends, co-workers, secretary etc. Don't forget your kids. After they do their chores, the dishes or clean their room, wouldn't this be a fun way to tell them thanks!   They are perfect for anyone!

We started making up some sample tags and had so much fun we kind of got carried away but we wanted to show you that the sky is the limit on how you can design your tags.  You can use your scrap cardstock too.

And last but not least are these packaged LIFESAVER hard candies and gummies.  Just attach a tag and you're done!  But watch out! You'll probably get a reputation of being a kind and caring person! Yikes!

You can find the TAGS HERE


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Friday, March 9, 2018

Baby Shower Party Favor! (It's a Bib) Your Guests Will Love this Sweet Gift (chocolate)

I've been a guest at my share of baby showers and I always loved it when the host sent us home with a special gift and I LOVED it when it was chocolate (being a chocoholic and all)   It's a fun way to say 'Thanks for coming"  and better yet it's a kit where we gather everything you need to make this "Sweet" party favor.  All you do is assemble and it is super easy.

The wraps are designed for a regular sized Hershey, solid chocolate, candy bar, the 1.55 oz size.  You can get 36 of these bars at Costco or Sam's Club for $21.00. Now that's inexpensive!!!

We designed the baby bib on the front of the wrap to pop off the wrap. Foam dots are applied to the pink polkadot bib, the "It's a Girl" tag and the solid pink bib. ( I just love a 3D look!)  The white bow comes pre-assembled for you. Just glue the wrap and the scalloped piece and attach the bib pieces and you're done!

You're party guests will love it and will think you've gone over the top when it comes to baby showers, and that's what we all want, isn't it?  

You can even chose whether you want all polkadots, all checks or some of each and what kit size you need for your party….it's all about you and what you need.  We would love to make some of these up for your baby shower!  Just click the link below and get started.

So……Baby Shower Party Favor taken care of!  Check!

CLICK HERE to get more information about this cute baby shower party favor.


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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Special Treat for Easter-Easter Chick Candy Bar Wrappers-Gotta See These!

The kid's Easter baskets need something really special this year and our Easter Chick candy bar wraps are just the ticket.  A 1.55 oz (regular sized) Hershey bar is slipped into the wrap and is sooo sweet!  The chick will put a smile on their faces or anyone else that you give them too. Two colors to choose from--pink and blue wraps. Will look nicely in their Easter basket! 

The Easter Chick face comes fully assembled with black half round beads for the eyes and a orange cardstock beak.. The white eggshell is adhere to the front of the chick and the grass goes over the top of both. Everything comes cut out and ready to assemble.

It's a kit that comes with everything you need to assemble them except for the glue and the Hershey bar.  Super simple to put together!  The "Happy Easter" tag is nestled in-between the ribbon and the bow on the wrap. 

 It would be a great treat for your co-workers and employees.  A special treat to leave on their desk. And don't forget about Teachers, Principals and the office help at school. Excellent treat for your friends at the senior center or at church. 

Both wraps are cut out of the prettiest pastel premium cardstock. 

You could also use them at each place setting, either at the silverware place, at the top of the plate or on the center of the plate.

You can better see the chick's eyes in this photo and the paper bow. The bow comes assembled too. 
Whoever you give these to will be quite happy with the sweet Easter treat.

CLICK HERE to get this design and other fun Easter kits. 


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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Cutest Little Easter Chick on a Fun Easter Treat Box-Easter Baskets and More

Easter is coming a little early this year… time to waste in getting something special for the Easter baskets, for family and even co-workers!  This would be extra special for your Easter table setting too.  We put crinkle paper inside each treat box but that step is optional.  Then we put our favorite treats, Hershey kisses inside, but we also LOVE Hershey M&M's. You could use any small treat in these treat boxes.  They will just add a little something special to the occasion.  

It's a kit where we gather everything you need for them. You only need supply some glue (and crinkle paper if you like)  We suggest using double-sided tape to put the box together. We supply everything else including foam dots to make the pieces pop off the box. Everyone will love this cute little Easter Chick!

Here's the side view so you can see how the box is constructed. Super easy to assemble!

The treat box measures 3.75" tall, 1.75" at the widest point and 2.5" wide. 
M&M's, Hershey Nuggets, Hershey Kisses and other small candy will fit inside the box.....even a small toy or a gift card.

The chick comes with a face including half round bead for eyes and a orange cardstock beak.  Yes it is labor intensive to put these black beads on the chick and the beak but I wouldn't have it any other way.

CLICK HERE to get some of these for the Easter holiday.

CHECK BACK here tomorrow for another design using this cute Chick.  It's a lovely candy bar wrap for the Easter baskets, Easter Egg hunt or for family, friends and employees. Would also be great included with the placesettings.  


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day Chocolate Treat-Gift Wrapped Hershey Bar

We've designed a Valentine's Day themed candy bar wrapper you can give to everyone.  It's designed  using two different red papers-LOVE paper and CHECKED paper.  Just slip a 1.55 oz solid Hershey chocolate bar into the wraps after it is assembled and it's a "Gift Wrapped" Valentine's day gift. How easy was that?  We also have this same design in two different black patterns. 
 You'll definitely want to see them too. 

Co-workers treats
Employee gifts
Teacher Appreciation
Classroom party favors
Kids Valentines
Volunteer Appreciation gifts
Client gift baskets
Party favors
Neighbor gifts and more

It's a kit…..We gather all the fun things needed to put these together.  Everything comes cut out and ready to assemble. Super easy and fun, unique and one of a kind.

CLICK HERE to get some for this Valentine's Day


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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Valentine Hershey Kiss Treat Box for Friends, Co-Workers-Employees and Classroom, Hershey Kisses

What a fun way to give treats this Valentine's Day. It's designed for Hershey Kisses but you can put any treats inside the box.  The perfect little package for handing out to your co-workers. employees and teachers. Send them with the kids on Valentine's Day for their classmates-much better than a plain paper valentine (and they will be remembered) 

Choose from 4 different messages
1  Be my Valentine
2. You Rock
4. Be Mine

The box measures 3.5" tall,2 ¼" across and1.75" deep. 

The hearts are cut out of the kraft paper with a red backer behind. Super easy to do! 

Add a small puffy heart on the front bow and a large puffy heart on the back to secure the box.  Who would you give these to this year? People at the Senior Center, The Retirement Center, the school administration and teachers? Endless possibilities.  Show people you care with a sweet treat.

CLICK HERE to get these sweet Valentine's day treat boxes for yourself


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Monday, January 1, 2018

Adorable Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Box Plus Swig Copycat Sugar Cookie Recipe

It's the perfect way to package a yummy sugar cookie for Valentine's day!  Our heart boxes will hold a cookie as big as 3.25" or smaller.  It's a kit that includes everything you see above plus a cellophane bag and twine to put your treats inside. Would make a great treat for your co-workers, employees, teachers or a fun party favor. If you buy pre-packaged treats you could even take them to school for the kid's classmate treats on Valentine's Day.

You could also fill the Valentine heart box with Hershey Kisses, (very appropriate) Hershey Nuggets,  mini candy bars, loose candies like M&M's  nuts, chocolate covered cinnamon bears or lots of other treats. You could even buy the Little Debbie cakes to go inside.  

If you can glue and adhere foam dots then you can do this.  The pleated heart comes that way, you don't have to create or ssemble it.  Let us gather up everything you need. All you do is assemble the box. Couldn't be any easier!

There's even a scalloped edge in a matching paper on the top of the heart.

CLICK HERE to get these cute Valentine's Day Heart Treat Boxes. Everyone will love them

CHECK out the Swig Sugar Cookie Copycat recipe below. They would be perfect in our Valentine's Day Heart Boxes. 

I love these cookies and here is a fabulous copycat recipe you can make at home.  Head over to Jamiecooksitup to get all the details.  The pink frosting is the PERFECT color of pink.  Makes them look so delicious.  What a great cookie to make for Valentine's Day parties and treats.

Yum Yum Yum!  CLICK HERE to get the recipe for these cookies and make some up for Valentine's Day or any day. They would be the perfect treat to put in our Valentine's Day Cookie holders above.


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Friday, December 1, 2017

Merry Snowman Candy Bar Wrappers-Stocking Stuffers-Gifts for Co-Workers, Employees, Teacher and more

Let it snow....let it snow....let it snow   says these two snowmen!  It's a sweet wrap for a sweet treat (Hershey 1.55 oz chocolate bars)  They are so much fun to give. Great gift idea for co-workers and employees. What about Teacher or friends and family. Excellent for a game prize for the Christmas party you're having. Would also make a fun party favor.  Are you doing "You've been Jingled" to your neighbors this year? Tuck some of these wrapped bars in the treat you'll be leaving on their door step.

We had so much fun designing this Christmas candy bar wrap and I know you will have fun giving them out.  The recipients will think you are so clever and creative!  It's a kit where we supply everything but the glue and the Hershey candy bar.  Make them up in minutes!

Click HERE to get these Merry Snowman candy bar wrappers.


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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Merry Santa Candy Bar Wraps and Utensil Holders-Ho Ho Ho!

Time to dress up a Hershey chocolate bar in a Santa Claus theme!  Sant's coat and mittens are a fun way to give a sweet treat this Christmas.  Perfect for stocking stuffers, co-workers, employees, teachers, family and friends and more. (Who would you give these to?)   You would definitely be the talk of the office if you handed out these little gifts.  It's a kit that is super easy to put together. We even make one piece of your order up so you have  a ready made sample to look at as you assemble the rest. We also put the double-sided tape on the wraps so you don't have to purchase double-sided tape for this project. Yea!  Now doesn't that sound fun!  

CLICK HERE to get more info on our Merry Santa Candy Bar Wrappers

We've even got the same design for a utensil holder. They make your Christmas table festive just like that!  Perfect for kids and adults.  It's a simple way of bringing the holiday spirit to your table in a very easy way. 

The close-up photo shows that the design is 3D. The collar and fur piece going down the coat is elevated using foam dots.  The mittens are hanging from Sant's belt and the two are separated with another foam dot to give it dimension.  Super simple! 

Whether you use plastic utensils or the real thing, either one will look great inside our Merry Santa silverware holders.

CLICK HERE to see both the utensil holder and the candy bar wrappers


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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Candy Bar Wrappers-Kid's and Adult Treats

Happy Thanksgiving!  We actually designed this candy bar wrap last fall but didn't finish it in time to share it with everyone before here it is now!  What a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving place setting for both the kids and the adults. Place a Hershey chocolate bar all wrapped up in Thanksgiving fun at each place setting at your Thanksgiving table and you've just added something sweet and unexpected. It's a great gift to send home with your guests, because let's face it….you're desserts are so fabulous that there won't be any leftovers to send home with your family and friends! But if you have these ready to go you can give each guest a sweet treat for the ride home... "Over The River and Through The Woods"

Our Thanksgiving Turkey Candy Bar wraps are perfect for:
Kid's table
Adult table
Teacher and school administrators
Visiting Teaching
Neighbor gifts
and much more…..

Don't leave anyone out this year!   
It's a kit that has everything you need to assemble except glue and 1.55 oz chocolate Hershey bars.

CLICK HERE to get some candy bar wrappers for your loved ones!

CLICK HERE to see ALL our Thanksgiving Kits and Digitals


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